Pink Guide: LGBT’s considerations for their hospital bills

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Pink Guide: LGBT’s considerations for their hospital bills

Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage earlier this year, becoming the first Asian country to do, and joining an increasing list of countries that have made gay marriage legal.

Closer to home, this year’s Pink Dot marked it’s 11th anniversary, yet nothing has changed. The LGBT community have had to fend for themselves, and the rising healthcare costs certainly hasn’t made it any easier for them. If you find yourself having the possibility of struggling to meet your healthcare needs, don’t worry, we are here with you. This article will shed some details on how you and your partner can live a blissful life without worrying about medical costs.

MediShield Life

MediShield Life was introduced in 2015 to replace the old MediShield. All Singaporeans are automatically included in this scheme and you cannot opt out so if you do not know, you are already covered to a certain extent! However, MediShield Life payouts only cover Class C or B2 wards at public hospitals.

If you want more privacy and prefer class B1, A or even private hospitals, MediShield Life will only cover a small proportion of your bill and the amount will be pro-rated. You will have to fork out a substantial amount from your Medisave or your own savings to pay the balance. Also, the rates for class B1 onwards can be really expensive as shown below.

Source: https://www.sgh.com.sg/patient-care/inpatient-day-surgery/type-of-wards-singapore-general-hospital

In case you didn’t know, your money in your MediSave account can only be used to pay for yourself or the approved dependants as shown below.

Now, for people in the LGBT community, an issue arises here. You CANNOT pay for your partner’s medical bills with your MediSave and vice versa, because gay marriage is not recognized by law in Singapore. So if you happen to have very little MediSave savings, you might be in trouble paying off your hospital bills.

Integrated Shield Plan (IP)

This is the main purpose of this article. An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is basically additional private insurance coverage which you can purchase from your insurer.

Source: Ministry of Health (MOH)

Just as illustrated in the diagram above, an Integrated Shield Plan provides additional coverage on top of your MediShield Life, and there is no double payment of premium – you simply pay for the additional coverage desired.

As some Singaporeans like to say, you can afford to die but you can’t afford to fall sick. Having an IP can give you an ease of mind, knowing that your medical expenses are covered should anything unfortunate happen to you.

Don’t know where to get an IP? You can purchase an IP from any of the private insurers such as Prudential, Great Eastern and Aviva. There are actually plenty of IP out there, all with different types of benefits.

AXA gives you the cheapest plan, while Aviva and Prudential allow you to plan overseas treatment1. However, Great Eastern has the highest policy limit, which allows you to claim up to $1.5million per year (but of course you wouldn’t want to reach that level).

The Great Supreme Health integrated shield plan gives you EXCLUSIVE access to Health Connect – a call-in service offering specialist appointments, pre-stay authorization and direct claims settlement. For a more detailed description of the plan, click HERE to find out more!

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