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Can I get a replacement document if I misplaced my current policy?

You can get a replacement document if you have lost your policy but there are steps to take to get that done.

First you need to write a written request for the issuance of a duplicate policy and stating the circumstances of the loss.

Secondly a statutory declaration that the policy has not been assigned to anyone. A statutory declaration means a sworn or affirmed statement, this is used when there are no court proceedings but some facts need to be proved.

Thirdly, a policy report has to be made only if the policy was stolen. You need to produce a copy of the policy report.

Fourthly, you need to sign an indemnity to indemnify the insurer against any possible loss as a result of issuance of the duplicate policy.

Fifth, you have to pay the cost of the document to get it replaced.

Six, you have to declare that, if the original policy is found subsequently, it must be returned to the Insurer for cancellation.

Do note that even if the physical copy of the policy has been lost, the insurance contract still exists. Therefore in the event the beneficiaries can not produce the original policy document, they will still be able to make a make claim to get the payout.



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